Simple steps to fitting...


Step ONE

Unscrew two bolts holding the rear of the seats and remove the back part of the seat.


Step TWO

Unfix the bench seat from its 4 floor mountings and remove the base part of the seat.


Locate hinges into location as far into the wheel arches as possible.


Secure base part of the seat into the hinge ski's to be sure seat fits and mark base of hinges where you intend to drill them to locate the bolts which will secure the hinges to the cargo floor of your van.


Remove base of seat and drill the hinge plate and you cargo floor in one motion, we've found this the easiest method but be careful to only drill where your sure there is no supporting beams under the cargo floor.


Once the hinges are secured to the cargo floor locate the rear upright part of the seat into position onto the hinge arms and secure with self tapping screws into the holes provided you will need to drill pilot holes for the screws into your seat first.

Step SIX

Locate the bolts in place and secure the hinges to the cargo floor we've found at least 4 bolts in each hinge works fine.


Secure the base part of the seat back into the hinge ski's and secure with jubilee clips or tie wraps or drilling if required.


Pull the seat forward into bed position and lie the rear part of the seat down to form the bed at this point you may need to adjust the bolts so the you get the desired flat angle.

Step TEN

when in bed position you may want to use the rear support folk which in bays just slots into the small bar where you

seat fits into.